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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocode8511 View Post
    Just had my taxes done and they asked if I had health Ins. I told the lady no and she replied if I dont have it next year I'll have to pay a 95 dollar fee due to Obummer care. This country can't run the post office but yet they want to run health care. There is a reason that HC is a private company.
    That 95 dollar fine is only for the first year. The fine goes up each year till it tops out over $900!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ordawg1 View Post
    Was that $95.00 total ?I am being told that is around $600.00 per person for the year ?Plus -that is just the penalty.I believe it depends on income-but not positive.All I do know is insuranse covers less every year-OD
    I am waiting for a bunch of paper work to come in but I'll let you know.

    Quote Originally Posted by ironman59 View Post
    That 95 dollar fine is only for the first year. The fine goes up each year till it tops out over $900!
    Yeah, the lady told me it will go up. And like OD said above it goes by income.

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    Thanks guys for all the responses. I'm calling right now to take care of this. I will polite but stern with them. I was told that this was only a checkup and this is why I am frustrated with billing process. I actually never thought of calling them to tell them that I never authorize the charges. I'll let you guys know what happens. Thanks again. Plus I'd rather spend 500$ on some quality gear than pay those greedy bastards more money. haha

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    Yeah Doctors pull that shit all the time, ussually if you call and bitch they will take care of it or reduce the amount owed.

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    It could be worse. We just got finished fighting with the insurance company for the past year trying to get reimbursed for a jaw surgery for my wife, to the tune of about $7k. One thing we figured out is, don't take "no" for an answer.

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