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I have used dbol once for a very short amount of time because my face swelled up like a balloon. Potent shit, but it does come with some sides. I plan to use it again but only once I am sub 10% BF. My estrogen sensitivity is the only reason why I didnít like it.
The excessive water retention can be the result of inappropriate stack. For example, DECA + DBOL + TEST E, in this combo DBOL will not work properly and give the mentioned water.

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I enjoyed dbol the one time.I got ahold of the 5mg BD pinks. 15mg a day had me pumped and strength skyrocketing. It was from a supplier that has since rebranded or been shut down. All of the dbol I have acquired since has had no effects.
If by BD you mean BRITISH DISPENSARY then no wonder you have such good impressions. It is the holy grail of DBOL