Hello everyone! CRAZY DOSER is here with yet another new announcement. But first letís talk about GOLDEN DRAGON product line. In the past it got some controversial flak but this wasn't unjustified. Such poor reception happened due to a conflict of two owners, their internal struggle affected GD immensely. One of the owner is our long trusted partner, he provided us with info that the struggle is over, and GOLDEN DRAGON is in his hands only!
With this said we are proud to announce the REINCARNATION of GOLDEN DRAGON product line! Letís see what to expect from new GD:

1. Standard pharmacological vials are used for injection products

2. Take a good look on picture below. You can see the smooth cylindrical surface that is attached to the back of the flange. It is absolutely untouched, meaning the rolling pharmacological machine was used for vials unlike handicraft products. On handicraft products, you can always see traces of crimp.
Unfortunately we doubt the design of color solution for vials. You can see that product name is made in black color on amber glass. It blends and creates some sort of discomfort when trying to identify the product. At the same time we are very pleased with the design of individual cardboard package that compensates the issue of black and amber color blending.
Stay tuned for more!