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Test E/deca/mast reviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jswole220 View Post
    I agree Test is test but test prop and test e or cyp are different in ways and test iso is like a combination both if you will. Hits fast and hard but has a decent half life and you get almost as much of the active hormone as you do with prop. Itís like a prop that you can get away with injecting once a week if you wanted to
    Thatís how it hits me too. Sex drive jumps quick as well. Iíve only used one brand before but it was very solid.

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    2147483647 could say that💪

    Quote Originally Posted by orange24 View Post
    Haha so basically all you do is have fun and test run different compounds! Cool, best hobby in the world. Lucky man
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    Sounds like a plan.💪

    Quote Originally Posted by Jswole220 View Post
    slow and steady wins the race L. M W F 1cc of TP .5cc of trest ace.

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