Hi ASF Friends,
Happy Holidays !

I just came up an idea and still not sure if you guys would like it.
We got many inquiries about the steroid raws and many people order bulk amount, but we notice that sometimes people are short of money and can only buy a smaller amount.

We also hope that we can do something to help you all save money ,and everyone can buy the raws happily with a good price .
So from now on ,people who are interested in any products ,they can reply us here and join the group purchase plan.

Saying :
Testosterone Enanthate 100g 130usd
Testosterone Enanthate 500g 380usd
Testosterone Enanthate 1000g 600usd
Shipping freight is excluding.
and if 5 people join the group purchase ,and buy same amount 200g everyone and the total amount they purchase reach 1000g ,they can enjoy the kg price .

so buy 200g ,everyone in that group can only pay 120usd+shipping freight .

and everyone just need to email us the shipping address , we will arrange the shipment separately .

Let me know your ideas cause i am not very sure if there is any minuses for the moment.

Thanks all for the attention.

all the best,