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Vermodje new line : Hot news !

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    Vermodje new line : Hot news !

    Many customers have been asking lately whatís the deal with VERMODJE injection products. We had a long talk with VERMODJE manager who is responsible for manufacturing process and I like to share some moments, which will be interesting to community. It will go in form of dialog with 2 participants: CD (CRAZY DOSER) VM (VERMODJE)

    CD: Our customers are concerned about oil carrier that you use. They would like to get the best hypoallergenic oil. What can you say about it?

    VM: The basics of injection VERMODJE products are: grape seed oil + apricot stones oil + ethyl oleate. We donít use any dangerous allergic or toxic solvents or stabilizations. This is a fundamental point.

    CD: People often buy cheap products from UGL in hope that they are high quality or go to HOMEBREW. What do you think?

    VM: It is difficult to say why they put themselves at such unbelievable risk. Maybe they think it's justified... However, does it make sense to try your luck and try it on your own skin? The choice is yours.

    CD: Well said, but our customers are value exact and precise info. What can you say about PIP?

    VM: We make our injection products under pressure of pharm. reactor. This allows you to get the perfect solubility of the oil pharm. base without using BENZYL BENZOATES in quantities, which can give a strong PIP effect.

    CD: Frankly speaking, itís hard to believe. Perhaps we can check the results soon, when there will be some feedback.

    VM: I definitely agree with you. I also want to point out that Iím 100% sure in my statements and you will find out soon enough. Each stage of the technical process is strictly regulated. Iíd like our clients understand this. VERMODJE products are the products made by real pharm. factory, which go through all necessary stages ranging from getting and testing pharmbase to quality check off all finished batches.

    CD: OK, time will tell. Orals?

    VM: Letís see orals. Most companies buy the pharmbase and components of the tablet mixture in parts from different suppliers and, after that, make mixing and homogenization of the mixture. If one of the components is of poor quality, or there are some violations in mixture manufacturing (simplification of the process, using inappropriate equipment, the use of outdated technologies), then, later, taking such products, you can get a whole bunch of problems : ranging from heartburn, irritation of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract and dysbiosis to signs that lead to peptic ulcer. VERMODJE does thing the other way. We buy ready-mix LUDIPRESS from BASF company. Yes, it's much more expensive, but arenít ashamed of work and products.

    CD: Much appreciated for the information. It was great to know first-hand info directly I hope weíll see each other more often.

    That was some brief look on our conversation. I hope it was interesting to ASF community. Alas, we left one of the important moments unchecked. Thatís because itís under heavy work right now. We will give more info about it soon. Stay tuned for more!
    About BASF:
    In line with our corporate purpose, around 115,000 employees work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. We operate six Verbund sites as well as 347 additional production sites in more than 80 countries.

    Ludipressģ Ė enabling efficient direct tableting

    • A three-in-one system comprising filler, binder and disintegrant with very low hygroscopicity and excellent flowability

    • US FDA approved and IID-listed (inactive ingredient database)
    • Accelerated product development and process validation

    • Reduced costs Ė for storage, production and analysis

    • Quick and easy tablet compression resulting in outstanding tablets with rapid disintegration in spite of ideal hardness, low friability and fast active ingredient release
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