I would like to talk about HGH. There is no doubt that this drug has a lot of advantages ... With a normal use period, it increases muscle mass, reduces fat mass, improves all metabolic processes, improves cholesterol, improves kidney function, lowers blood pressure, increases heart, liver spleen, kidney, and other body units, which are reduced with age, improves sleep and much more ... I personally have been using GH for the last five years and am very pleased. The biggest value for me is its high cost. With other side effects have not yet come across. The most terrible is the acceleration of growth and the number of cancer cells. I believe that it takes place when using high dosages, for a long time a high-quality product, which for us is more a dream than a reality.
I began to feel the drug when I raised the dosage to 10 I.U. I met many different dosage regimens (in the morning and in the evening, five in two, two in one), but for me work everyday injections. There is an opinion that many have achieved and saved quite outstanding results without him at all. What do you think about this?. Is growth harmony in the athlete's cycle necessary or can you do without it?