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3 gallons is way too much. 1.5gal is about max. Any more than that and your kidneys are excreting all of the electrolytes in your body to move the water out. It causes hyponatremia, where blood levels of sodium get too low and causes all of the same symptoms but can also be fatal. The heart muscle needs appropriate amounts of sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, calcium to beat properly, and excreting too much will cause serious problems.

Something to think about. Over hydration is just as bad or worse than dehydration

Problem is, I'm thirtsy . I don't force it one bit .

When I worked on the oil rig I drank 7 gallons a few times.

All my levels are balanced . I don't lack anything to be honest. . I've drank at least a gallon a day for 8 years now. My piss tells me when I'm hydrated or not . I base it off how my body feels. I don't drink no other liquids besides 1 gallon of green tea a day, 2 cups of black coffee and rest water or water in my shakes.
I can sweat out a shirt (if you remember the other post about sweating) with salt rings in the summer time.
My body sweats none stop so basing water intake of the internet doesn't work. My body is what bases it