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Cholestrol and ALT, AST levels

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    Another update.

    Coincidentally, I came across that taking green tea extract on empty stomach may cause liver damage. Now that I start taking it after my breakfast, so I guess this was the main reason for my ALT, AST levels.

    I am supplementing with: Turmeric, Ginger, apple cide vinegar, spriluna, ala, multivit, magesium, zinco, q10, aspirine, d3, creatine, green tea ex., taurin, omega 3, nac.

    I guess all figures will be in range on my next bloodwork. Although I am on 400mg/w deca my total cholestrol, hdl, ldl was in range.

    IMO what you put in your mouth is more important than what put in your ass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xeaven View Post
    green tea extract on empty stomach may cause liver damage.

    It's not entirely true.
    studies have been done on green tea and also on the "new" matcha and it has been seen that the catechins contained in them could weigh down the liver.
    However, given the very low concentration, the clearance for trade has been given.
    To have the liver damage with green tea or matcha you should drink hectoliters of tea and you will not get the same effect that can make you just one glass of spirits.
    I drink matcha every day and I know it because I have been informed.

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