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yeah dude...after I talked to you about what I was doing I dropped the fasted cardio and just did it after my workout in the evening. I upped my carbs back to Ďnotmalí And had the best workout Iíve had since before surgery. I did one of those Arnold back and chest superset workouts...i felt really good about it. Hit cardio hard after the lifting, Arm was sore today but....I think Iím gonna up my calories and just stay on the clean side of nutrition, Iíve never really had to count macros to reach my goals. That shits too crazy.
That was definitely a great convo we had and yes bro Straight to Hell with that fasted cardio shit . It completely ruins my day.. it just comes down to body types like you and me were discussing.. Once you figure out what works for you bro everything else just falls into place and like you said you adjusted it and you had one of the best workout you had in awhile.. (very enthusiastic double thumbs up)