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Thread: DHB/Mast

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    In my quest to not get too big but get stronger and increase my endurance I think I've found a winning combination. 200mg DHB with 125mg Mast and 150mg Test E every three days; 75mg Proviron ED and 12.5mg Aromasin every four days. This combined with a low-carb/high protein diet and at least 30 minutes a day of cardio has resulted in heavier days at the gym and longer, more intense surf sessions. I'm charging waves like I did at 30 and recuperation time has been cut in half.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to how I might tweak my cycle? And would EQ be better than Mast?
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    I know HFO3 is running EQ with it, but Iím going to run DHB at 450\wk with 250 test e/wk and TNE on workout days. Iím not sure about mast, but I suppose you could run it however you wanted. To me though I would just run the DHB, test, and drop the mast as to not worry about the sides.

    So you are already running this cycle? If so and itís working like you want Iíd say stick with it 👍

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