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Acne scaring

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Thread: Acne scaring

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    I picked up some soap on amazon that contains 15% sulphur, actually amazed at how much it seems to help.

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    I had a lot of acne scars during my first cycle. During a sust/deca cycle, I had very bad acne on my face and left behind terrible acne scars. The initial acne was so bad that every morning I woke up, I would see spots of blood on my pillow. Anytime I put stress on my face (ie taking a shit, doing a heavy set), my face acne would somehow break open and would start bleeding. Anyways, I tried everthing in the book and nothing was helping. What did HELP was CO2 laser treatments and TIME. Believe me, no lotion, cleansers etc is going to help. I had to get 8 rounds of the CO2 laser treatments over 2 years and they minimized the acne scars. The next few years after that, they minimized even more with just time going by. Again, only lasted treatments and time are the solution. The doctor himself said after the laser treatments that time will be the most beneficial healing factor and he was right.

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