First week had a steady increase of libido, then it began to taper, now I've either adjusted or something is up. I had taken my aromasin dosage from 12.5 EOD, to E3.5 days, since I haven't had any puffy nips, or itchy nips, or signs of gyno maybe every 3.5days is still too much? I know blood work is the ultimate tell all, but I'm getting those in 2 1/2 weeks after I drop the Dbol and don't want to pay more now.

Energy seems to be pretty good, motivation in the gym is a little lackluster the past few days. Thought I was overdoing it but now I'm not sure. I pin today after work, which I always look forward to, still running 500mg Test E per week and 400mg Mast....the Test is about 2 years old, wondering if I should increase dosage slightly however it should still have same potency in a sealed vial.

Weighed in at 218.6 today, strength continues to climb. My physique is looking broader at the shoulders, delts are more pronounced, feeling leaner even with the scale going up. Still need to do better about my cardio.

Today was a quick leg session.

Giant set - 3x12-15 each
Adductors 110lbx3
Abductors 110lbx3
Leg extensions - 100/110/120lbsx15

Leg press - 3x12
360warm up - 450/540/630

Sumo deadlifts - 135 warm up - 185/205/225
Currently doing these three times a week - one day at 4x8, one at 5x5, one at 3x12

Seated calf raises - 5x8

Ran out of time for hip thrusters and walking lunges.

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