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Muscle pics shared by loyal customer

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    Muscle pics shared by loyal customer

    As title, pics were sent from our loyal customer, 6 months bulk and cut stack with our products only. Awesome changes!

    Show us your muscle pics in this thread guys.
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    Could you share which products he chose in his 6 month bulk and cut stack. Or even which he got from you. Of course, that would be up to your loyal customer to approve the disclosure of his order or his stack. But, Iím very curious what he was taking. And Iím sure his diet was on point. But, he looks incredible. Zyzz 2.0. Iím thinking Test E, Test Prop, Tren Ace, Masteron. Some Winny or Primobolan. But, he obviously got some size so it really could be anything since he was already fairly lean. That is what Iím trying to do right now. Get as lean as possible, then blast with H-AS products. I have been very sick, but Iím starting to feel better and vomiting less, so Iím ready to go again. Really curious what all he did. Tanning bed is not a stretch based off his pictures or maybe some Melanotan II. But, if he was using only your products, I guess he couldnít have been using MT II. But, usually people have stuff from multiple places. So, maybe he had some minor products from research chem places like an MT II, which is not worth saying that since MT II doesnít affect muscle growth or fat loss. Itís just a tanning agent. Helps with sleep too. So, let us know what he was doing. Because he has the look that I, and many others are after. He looks ready to make Fight Club II.


    P.S. H-as.pharma: look at your PMís soon. I plan to talk to you about my recent troubles and have some good news for you and need to talk about my upcoming order. Thanks

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    very nice pics thanks for posting

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