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Where are all the lab results for this distributor? Lol

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    Lmao Norm is a savage!! But I got bloods before I ever used any AAS (lost them somewhere in the ether). Then got bloods 2 times after I started using, then after that there was no point. H-AS gear is so potent I can visually see and physically feel the gear kick in. Nothing fancy all LEGIT. That should be H-AS motto

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    H-as told me months ago orals were getting Test something like eight moths ago. I asked three or four times since and have been told they are waiting on reasults to come back for about four months now. The oils were all gtg other than some pip they gave me. The primo was amazing one of my favorites. I tried literally every oral they offer. The d bol was good. You can see my reviews and questions on some other orals Iíve ran from them in there sub form. It looks like they got a few of them tested finally if you look also in the sub form. I have some superdrol and Anadrol left that is supposed to be tested. Iím just waiting on h-as to send me the details of how to get it done as they said they would pay the cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigNorm View Post
    Me after bulk then cut... I am by no means a body builder just wanted to see what I could accomplish... H-as was my source, I posted labs a while back when I started my bulk and it was maxed at 1500.. I've used Test E, Tren E, Tren A, Deca, NPP, Dbol,, Anadrol, Aromasin, and all were spot

    6'4 255lbs at bulk 240lbs cut.. on!!!

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    Great pictures .. really shows contrast. Thanks for posting these. More importantly, thank you for the sharing your experience with all of us

    Please contact us regarding order and vip details.

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