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First-Hand News ! New Products Line from Gerth Pharmaceuticals

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    First-Hand News ! New Products Line from Gerth Pharmaceuticals


    How’s it going everyone? CRAZY DOSER is here with fresh new update. We are always motivated to provide our customers with best gear and service.

    This time we are proud to introduce new manufacturer GERTH PHARMACEUTICALS and its products, which already have been added to our stock. Now let us look at GERTH PHARMA more closely.

    One of the most defying features of GERTH PHARMA is that they use only pharma grade standards when manufacturing.

    This means no highly concentrated solutions with toxic solvents, no nonstandard tablet mixtures, etc. Another astonishing moment is that products are hypoallergenic due to a strong following of human pharmacology standards.

    I would also like to add some other outstanding moments :

    1. All products are made with the industrial, medical equipment. The entire production complex meets GMP requirements.
    2. There is a constant control of the entering raw materials and finished goods on production meaning all ingredients are checked according to the declared properties. The whole range is also checked for possible defects.
    3. All tableted products have high-quality polymer blisters. Such thing has the following advantages like protection of the pharm. base from the negative effects of oxidation. The polymer blisters also protect the product from external mechanical actions.
    4. Authentic code gives excellent protection from copying. 

You can check your product here :
    5. Rarely found positions : TOREMIGER (Toremifen Citrate), GERTHTROPIN-AQ (rHGH in liquid form).
    6. Wide range of products. You can find all that you need.

    On our site you can find various GERTH PHARMACEUTICALS (under the BRANDS filter) products ranging from injectable TRENOGER-MIX (MIX OF TRENBOLONES) to oral METHANOGER (METHANDIENONE).

    As always, stay tuned for more info!
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    good post

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