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ART Topic 10/9/18 Worst gym injury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vision View Post
    When I get in that funk I completely revamp whatever my "current" routine is and switch up with movements that aren't commonly or ever used by myself in the past, it's like a change of scenery but within the same scenery.. sometimes I change the times I go as well, I can only do the mundane and regular way of life for so long.
    Definitely been doing that, this past year I've tried more new shit than ever before.
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    There were several benches spread out across a back wall. I was spotting for a buddy, there was another set doing their thing the next bench over.

    The guy on the upright bench got in trouble and was listing heavily. His spotter has his head in the clouds so I try to step over and help the struggling man. Right when I got there he was listing just a bit too far. 2-45s slide off his bar and of course land directly on my foot arch. Sounded like a 1960s era m80 went of when that bone snapped.

    Sucked! And I mean sucked!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vision View Post
    The worst injury I have ever gotten from the gym was doing flat barbell bench pressing.. a lot of injuries often occur from Simply genetics and something that people may be predisposed to. My father and my brother had shoulder problems throughout their lives, I myself would have problems as well but I would try to lift through them. By the grace of God I never needed corrective surgery.. it literally has nothing to do with bad form, or elbows flaring, or hand positioning or the path of motion. I'm just genetically predisposed.. during my younger years I always have the attitude of pressing through it, even during days I didn't feel it that doesn't mean I wasn't contributing to further damage. I'm sure some of you guys got some pretty awful stories, but mine is just due to stupidity of resorting to a specific movement that I'm limited to. I do a lot more rehab cables for my shoulder, all Hammer presses and cable movements/machines for my chest, no hyperextending or anything and I have 0 problems..

    My injury was not an accident it was stupidity!
    I have to same issue with barbell on any bench, for some reason my wrist do not allow for the proper movement to support the barbell through the rep. One day years ago I was pressing maybe 200lbs and my left wrist just let go and dropped the bar cracking a couple ribs, it was so quick my spot had no time to react. Needless to say this idiot learned his lesson and only bench with dumbbells from that point on. And we all know there ainít shit you can do for cracked ribs so that was a painful recovery 😭

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    Full rupture of the left quadricep tendon.

    I was doing front squats in the power rack, and like a dumbass, I forgot to put in the safety pins as I progressed through my sets. Got up to 365 for a few reps and decided to take a go with 405, which I had never done before. When I came down with it, I leaned too far forward and the loaded bar rolled off my chest. It fell on my left knee, and my right arm that was on top of my right leg. Thankfully there were no broken bones, but the impact of the bar just above my knee severed my left quad tendon.

    Yeah, I didn't realize how bad it was at first and I even tried to walk it off... my hamstring was the only muscle that could contract though, and when I put weight on it my leg would just flex back hard. So eventually we decided to go to the hospital that night, and a dumbass doctor though that nothing was wrong that needed immediate attention. By the next morning it was swollen and bruised pretty bad. We went to a different hospital and they said it was too swollen to do surgery. I was pretty fucking pissed. Finally a week after it happened I was able to get the surgery.

    The repair didn't require any cadaver parts, but the surgeon had to really stretch my tendon tight to get it to hold. I had pretty shitty range of motion for a while, but now I have full ROM. I went to physical therapy for 3 months. 11 months post op, now I'm thinking of going back to PT. I can't really do leg extensions with more than 20lbs. I have gotten back into deadlifts and can hit 495 on a bad day. I've even done box squats up to 405, but I feel like I'm playing with fire. I just love to lift. I've also done some running on the treadmill. Overall, I'm happy with my recovery so far, I'd just feel better if I could work out the imbalances. I started doing stairs last week, going up with just my injured leg, so I will see if that helps...
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