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Triptorelin or clomid and Nolva

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    Triptorelin or clomid and Nolva

    So read a few threads on here about triptorelin but no one ever comes back to the threads to let anyone know how it went.

    has anyone on here successfully used triptorelin to PCT? How did the dosage go?

    I read that it is just 1-100mcg injection after the esters clear, and thats it.

    I would like to know from anyone that has tried it out. Thanks.

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    They donít come back because it flat out doesnít work in the way people hope it will. A good hcg/hmg blast for two-three weeks and then into a good solid 6-7 week clomid run best barnone. None of that clomid at 150,100 garbage either.

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