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Pinned shoulder first time

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    Well pinned my left gluts like this had never thought about doing this but used left hand to stick myself then used right hand around the back side to hold needle and slowly push in oil with left hand... so far so good thanks man... oh and I did warm up the oil

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    I think your pinning glutes wrong if your having problems twisting enough, I hardly twist at all, just look at the mirror and reach back with both hands, if pinning right glute hold pin with left hand between two fingers near the needle and push plunger with right, reach around like being handcuffed.

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    Glad to hear you got it worked out, I too had to practice going to the left. Normally 2ml Iím good in either glute, but the other night I had tren,primo,& live wire 1ml of each and had the wife pin that one for me. So far Iíve only hit delts and glute, but will some day have to venture over to quads and whatever else.

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