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Thread: hair loss

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    I cannot use Rogaine because it always gave me a headache after about three weeks use, that would not go away until I stopped using it, and I have never been prone to any type of headaches at all. Believe it or not, the most effective thing I've used to keep hair loss to a minimum during gear cycles is a multiple vitamin for chicks called "Hair, Skin, & Nails" which contains 3,000mcg of vitamin B7 (Biotin) which is the number one most essential vitamin for hair growth. I'm not implying that a lack of vitamin B7 is the only reason for hair thinning, but I believe it can be a major contributing factor when combined with increased DHT levels brought on by androgenic anabolics use.

    This stuff is sold by Walgreens and CVS pharmacy. I buy it on their websites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadd View Post
    Shampoo is not a solution.Hair loss is a genetic and hormonal problem.
    Right, hair loss is a genetic and hormonal problem. So, a shampoo that blocks hormones from attaching to receptors in the root of the hair follicle because of a genetic propensity to have hair follicles that are not strong enough to withstand said hormones is not gonna work.

    If the hormones are the problem, a chemical that blocks those hormones wonít work because itís a shampoo. Am I getting this right? Sorry, Iím new.


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