Vermodje Test C Lab Results

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    Vermodje Test C Lab Results

    Base Line Lab Results: 1/16/18 336ng/dL
    Check Up Lab Reaults: 8/20/18 1029ng/dL

    Pinning .7cc/175mg Vermodje Test C E4D. Lab was drawn 4 days after last pin, before I pinned for the day. Taking IMRís Exemestane at a dose of .5cc/12.5mg EOD. IMRís Exemestane seems to be doing exactly what itís supposed to do which is good.

    Not disappointed, obviously it elevated my levels, and mentally and physically I feel much better then where I was. Damn Normaís spoiled me with their sweet nectar lol. And just so itís known Iím not blasting, just trying to get my numbers in the upper range of normal so this lab still helps me achieve that by showing me I can drop to maybe 125mg E4D. Have a bunch of Vermodje Test (E, C, Sust) left thatíll Iíll burn through as the days go by and maybe look at Balkan. Anybody have labs on those?

    Glad I got these numbers in though, maybe Iíll lower the dose after my 14 days of chasing the mighty wapiti in the public lands of the potato state with my bow. Need one bad! Freezer needs a refill!

    Take it ez!
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    Sorry, Iíve been away for a bit. Busy at work. Thanks for posting EZ!! Itís much appreciated. Iím not sure if anyone has labs on Balkan. Let me look around.

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