Hello everyone! CRAZY DOSER is here! It’s surely being long after our last announcement. Summer is almost at an end, many people are beginning to prepare themselves for new season and overall activity slowly rises. That’s certainly great, but we being generously caring about our customers and one step beyond want to lay groundwork for upcoming season starting now. With that said we announce a brand new section on our site “PAINKILLERS AND NSAIDS”!

There you will find all kinds of high quality painkiller and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) products made by the top leading European manufacturers. No longer will you suffer from pain, especially from PIP that plagues many athletes. What is more there are products for such issues as: muscle tear and joint trauma (DICLOFENAC), PIP (NIMESULID), arthritis (CELECOXIB), muscle aches (DEXKETOPROFEN). Say your pain goodbye with new “PAINKILLERS AND NSAIDS” by CRAZY DOSER! Stay tuned for more.