The most stupid things said about steroids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TouaregV8 View Post
    Search for a doctor that's affiliated with a TRT or anti-aging facility. If that's not an option look for a doctor that specializes in Sports Medicine. If those two options aren't available look for a doctor (male or female) that's on the younger side. They seem to be much more receptive to it than older (male) doctors. The doctors that I've had that were not supportive of my AAS use were older men.
    By the grace of God my doctor is kind of on the side of not being in the know... I simply got trt and a lot of other things from him just by talking to him and showing him my blood work, even when my blood work was Jack through the roof all he cared about was me being shut down.. I told him I miss managing my dosages haha and I'm self treating myself... A few weeks later we pulled more blood and he was asking why my estrogen was over 4, 000... I convinced him that had to be an error, I didn't say a word about Trenbolone.. but it's been a while now and I still get 200 of cypionate and 1mg Adex daily (of course I don't take it daily)... He lets me pull blood for growth whenever I want.. the guy is a warm soul and a very good human being.. he's just not well-rounded with hormones
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    The most stupid things said about steroids.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oldschool View Post
    Again, I dont care what you do... its your business. What I do care about is that doing those cycles is a crap shoot... a gamble and the newbies need to hear that...
    Thatís why I say what I say and thatís on the low side for doses for people my level.

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