What Your Fitness Excuses Say About You

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    Post What Your Fitness Excuses Say About You

    by Matt Weik I canít tell you how many times a week Iím told excuses why someone canít exercise or take control of their health. Itís one excuse after the next. So, what do your fitness excuses say about you? Iím sure this feature is going to make some heads explode. And Iím ok with


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    i have a bulging disc in my neck, bad back and knees from poor posture in my years of computer gaming and a condition that frequently throughout the day causes me to gasp for a breath and become light headed throught the day and i still go to the gym 6 days a week for 2-3 hours. i think some people are just looking for a reason not to go workout and exercise and will say anything is wrong with them.

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