Hello everyone! CRAZY DOSER is back with a new statement. About some time ago we wrote an article about SP plans to produce their own line of CABERGOLINE. As you may know, CABERGOLINE is one of the most effective medicine of last generation designed to inhibit PROLACTIN secretion in the pituitaryís lactotroph cells. Nothing of grand design just a simple but yet effective drug. There are several positive effects for bodybuilder: prevents problems with erectile dysfunction (ED) enhances endurance so the user does not get tired quickly, improves sleep and most importantly increases sex drive. CABERGOLINE is an excellent product for the AS user, it allows to use various steroids that are otherwise avoided due to ED issues.
Well, our trusted insider provided us with information that this amazing product is making itís way to the market and will soon be available for purchase. Although ETA is unknown, we can provide ASF community with an exclusive sneak peek of CABERGOLINE made by none other than SP LABS. Thatís all for now, stay tuned for more info!