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One of the biggest things that I have learned in all of my travels is that this is truly not a one-size-fits-all way of life.. it's easy to watch one of your peers incorporate something in his diet or his routine and you say to yourself that looks interesting maybe I should try that, and ultimately it doesn't work out for you. It just goes to redefine that the truth of the matter is that everything is personalized in this way of life.. that's another reason why I prefer to train alone because even my sessions are entirely different with movements and intensity.. working out with a partner just slows me down regardless of what stations we're doing even if we're working alternate stations..

I learned more and more that we are truly by ourselves in this journey, we can take the suggestions and read the experience and all of the vast knowledge handed down by those that have paved the way or who have simply just been there and done that, But ultimately we need to pick and decipher what is best for us and employ that for our own selfish reasons...

Even going out with the brothers after a good session in the gym they want to go to a particular food joint and I'm just not feeling it.. I've never been a sheep and I always dance to the beat of my own drum..

I just wish I could go back to my earlier years and use the same mentality, because many times I did what the guy to the right or to the left was doing because they said so.. now I know what's best for me.. it took an awful lot of time, and I'm still fucking learning..

One thing I can say for certain is I'm glad now that I possess the ability to open my goddamn ears and use both ears that God gave me, and use less of that one mouth that God has given me. Two Is Better Than One..
well said. I havenít worked out with someone in years. I feel many seem to need a partner to keep motivated ( thatís why we have forums like this !! To motivate ) because what happens when your boy gets a new girl or becomes lazy. You donít have control over their actions.
When I can only hold myself accountable for the situations , it makes it easier to not blame anyone but myself. I like your insights vision