How’s it going everyone? CRAZY DOSER is here! Hope you’re all enjoying summer. Summer, what a wonderful time, many people go on vacation, go to the beach and enjoy sea or do other outdoor activities.

Nevertheless, CRAZY DOSER is always on duty to provide excellent gear and customer experience. We can all agree that there is one thing that is constant throughout all the summer - the heat and right now CRAZY DOSER is ready to deliver some really hot info that will turn the heat up to eleven! With that said, let’s go down to the business shall we?
As you may know, CRAZY DOSER got long arms (metaphorically speaking) and a wide network of informants. These people are always at risk to get first hand info and deliver it to you, bros.

Tossing all fancy speaking aside, we are proud to represent first pictures of redesigned legendary line of products that are manufactured none other than BALAKAN PHARMACEUTICALS.

We were told that total redesign is planned with replacement of all trade names. For example, approximately for TESTOSTERONES there will be such titles as PROPANDROL-P (for TEST P). We are getting more info, apparently the introduction of security thread (just like with banknotes) directly on the blister is planned. That means BALAKAN are protecting their products with legitimate tool to reduce fake copycats of their products. These changes are planned on autumn 2018. Think of it as a part of large update, you can only imagine what lies beyond!
Our customers know that we hold great respect to BALKAN not only for magnificent HUMAN GRADE line of products but also for carrying about customers. Such care is represented in form of amazing security measures, which give customers legitimate base and protection from fake products.

Our choice isn’t accidental, we made thoughtfully and precisely. As for you brothers, we chose best of the best. We encourage you to experience all the wide specter of BALKAN PRODUCTS provided by our trusted site without need to worry and bad thoughts. We wish you great time and stay tuned for more info!