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    Hey guys,

    Just picked up "the capsule machine" size 00. The one I purchased and used to cap my DNP sucked ass and I wound up tossing it.

    Anyways just a few clarifications since its been a few months and i seem to have "misread" how to cap.

    1 article states "pestle and mortar" to mix everything thoroughly, i used a ziploc bag and just shook the hell out of it for a good 5 minutes. Since I used DNP in my last batch (200mg per cap) it didnt seem too bad if it was off a few miligrams, but considering the low dosage of SD (10mg caps) is a pestle and mortar really more accurate or a better option?

    Does anyone happen to know off hand what the fill volume of a 00 cap is? Its 113 degrees out and Im not looking forward to filling 24 caps, then dumping them out to weigh it all.

    Finally. I have adex en route. Enough for 2000 .5mg caps. Now I dont need to fill all of them at 1 time, but Im going to go out on a limb and say liquid would be a more efficient route yes?

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    Pestle and mortar is more for crushing and grinding powder than mixing. Plastic baggie is good for mixing. I don't use loading blocks so can't give you advice but micro dosing like adex is probably best made into liquid.

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    I tried capping GW using a 00 and it was just a shitty experience lol I feel like it is hella innacurate to cut down small mg amounts (20mg GW per cap) and from now on I will make liquid suspensions simply because I feel like it is more accurate... much less time consuming than capping as well.
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