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    Quote Originally Posted by elit3keraed View Post
    Its hot as dick. Was 119 at one point...currently 745 at night.

    Completely honest i did and at jack shit today. Coupled with the swelling and bloating from the GH and the heartburn thats been kicking my ass I was lucky to survive work.

    Will probably hit the gym around 2am when it cools off (it was 90 until about midnight last night) since i cant sleep in the heat and I dont have an AC unit
    damn bro thats hot as fuck! I have 3 window ac units just sitting in my garage I need to give you.

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    Wow. Amazing how easy it is to forget about this shit when youre too damn hot to even function.

    Massive heat wave over the weekend. Only escape was hitting the gym. Kinda pissed though as I am noticing golfers elbow in both elbows.


    Face pulls:60x15x5

    Upright rows superset with DB lateral raise:

    EMOM for 20 minutes

    Called it a day after that since I couldnt lift without nearly shitting myself. I think it was a 1 day bug as my throat had been sore friday night and i kept coughing throughout the day.

    Hamstrings and Back

    Seated leg curls:

    Db RDL:

    Neutral grip lat pulls

    1 arm cable rows

    Elbows started flaring up so I skipped arm work. I split my training up. Its kind of weird but i am going for a 2x per week approach instead of trying to kill each bodypart 1x per week. Its worked well in the past so i figured i would

    Incline BB Press: 165x3x2 and 185x3x1 all sets with a 2 second pause
    Incline DB Press: 70x12x4
    Cable flys: 25x12x3

    Oddly my golfers elbow felt more like a pump than actual tendon pain. But it was bad enough that I stopped after doing some hanging leg raises.

    Gonna try pinning gh directly into both elbows to see if that will help. But I noticed this pain last week after weight chins so I amy be well past working through it.

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    Long day today. Fell asleep without setting alarms so my morning was mostly a hurricane before work.

    8 hrs on my feet. 4 meals in my belly (all ground beef and jasmine rice) with 4 cups of raw whole milk and some peanut butter. Calories werent what I wanted but i had to make due.

    Im starting to think the golfers elbow is gear related. Like a compression sort of problem vs tendon irritation. My hands have been falling asleep if I have them elevated for even a minute. Im laying in bed typing this out on my phone and my hands are already tingly and my elbows are started to feel tight. Gonna give myself another week before I taper back the GH.

    I have quads abs and biceps (if they are feeling good) on schedule for tomorrow.

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