So whenever I am finishing up a cycle, I'm usually already planning my next one out since I like to order ahead of time and have everything I need on hand to start as soon as I want. So i have 3 cycles under my belt now. First one was test only, 2nd one was test and deca at low dose, and the one I just finished was 400mg test cyp 400mg tren e for 14 weeks. I tossed in anavar for last 4 weeks too. I got great results from the last one with the tren. My stats are
24 YO
13% BF
238 lbs

My next cycle be in September and I'm planning on running it like this so far

Week 1-16 test E 700mg
Week 1-14 deca 500mg
Week 1-6 25mg dbol ED
Week 1-6 25mg anadrol ED
Adex .5mg EOD
Caber .25mg EOD

Clomid 100/100/50/50
Nolva 25/25/25/25
HCG 10 days after last shot, I do 1000ius EOD for a total of 5000ius

Thinking of adding EQ or something in too. Opinions on the EQ? Some people say its a great addition and some say it does nothing with everything else I already got in here