Fillers for capping orals

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    Fillers for capping orals

    What up guys,
    What kinds of fillers do you use when capping orals? I got a size “00” cAp-M-quick, and I’m gunna cap out 20mg of GW50516. What would your suggestions be on a good filler with this compound?

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    Tone always suggested protein powder, ON Gold Standard specifically. He liked the flavor that had a contrasting color to the raw so you can see that the blending is consistent.
    I don't like this because of shelf life.
    Most orals in tab or capsules use microcrystalline cellulose. That's why most raw suppliers sell it.

    Personally don't think anyone can evenly blend smaller doses with fillers to create consistently dosed tabs or caps. It's why we use ORA-Plus for suspensions or the ETOH/VG solutions.

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    Ive been using protein powder, so far so good

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