Today i took 2.5 yellow scoops of our super Green. Between 5gr-6gr.
Was kinda dragging early after a very long work week and longer weekend. I also changed shifts today. So i went from working 7a-11pm the last 2 days to working 11p-7a tonight/present.
I used about 4-6oz of water. Dumped in my scoops. Shook it up, then kinda rolled the bottle on its side easily to get rid of the foam. Then downed the super Green .
About 30 minutes went by and i was feeling chatty. Next i was Playing with the kids and my 5yr old daughter. About 2hrs had gone by and i was feeling very relaxed and comfortable. No pain in my shoulders,
ive been very cautious lately to make sure not to do anything that would cause me pain. Although, my little princess was having a grand time standing on my back today asking does it hurt then acting like she was the dr And giving me needles and putting on band-aids to make me better. What a great day. Doesnt get better than spending time with your little ones. Afterwards i just relaxed until time for work.

Gonna up the dose tomorrow and see what we see.

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