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    DrugsGear Labs Spectrum Pharm + ZPHC + Balkan

    Hey guys, so here's what I'm running and here are my labs.

    SP Test P 100 EOD
    ZPHC Mast P 100 EOD
    SP NPP 150 EOD
    Balkan Proviron 50 ED
    Caber 0.25 once a week

    Was not on Aromasin, was hoping for Mast and Provi to hold down my estrogen, added 12.5 ED immediately after blood draw cuz was feeling symptoms of high estro.

    Debating if i should bump aromasin to 25 ED as that's what I had done previously when my estrogen was 80 ish, however i'm also bumping Mast to 525 next week.

    Labs drawn on pin day within 6 hrs of pinning.

    Appreciate any input

    DG Labs.png

    Test: 2115
    Free Test: 50
    Estradiol: 77.5

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    What kind of sides are you getting?

    If they are bad I would bump it up. Why wait?

    If not then really its up to you. 25 mgs of stane is a pretty average dose for a blast. But I haven't used it with Provi's and crushing you estro isn't really going to help anyone.
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