Hey guys,

I've been doing some research on oral suspension vehicles and wanted to throw this out there for the group to discuss.

I've seen several options regarding oral suspension vehicles for non-soluble compunds (anavar, cialis, etc), so I wanted to see if anyone out here has any experience with any alternatives. Mainly, Humco Flavor-Plus or Flavor Blend (approx 50% price vs Ora-Plus) or any other homemade alternatives like pure vegetable glycerin w/ distilled water, etc. I'm avoiding alcohol for anavar because I've found that anavar is mildly soluble in ethyl alcohol, so what ends up happening is your finely ground powder ends up re-crystallizing as the solution cools, and precipitates out of the suspension in large crystals. I can't even get it to stick at 5mg/mL with alcohol. It's readily soluble in chloroform, but that's no fun for anybody.

Let me know what you guys think. I already ordered Ora-Plus but I'd like to hear some thoughts.