Breakfast meal prep?

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    Breakfast meal prep?

    Aight guys.
    I need some help from you B.B. guys... I am all about meal prep, and I religiously prep for everything (lunches,snacks,dinners) but I don’t know of many things I could prep for breakfast that will keep for, say 5 days? For the past like 6 months all I have been eating for “breakfast” is a scoop of whey protein isolate in water (because I have to be up at 4:30 A.M to be at work by 5), followed by either 8oz chicken or 4-6oz beef and another scoop of whey protein at 9 A.M... that shit cannot be sufficient nutrition wise... I try to stick to mainly protein in the morning to help control hunger throughout the day as well as keep my metabolism high, but if y’all have some insight into what I should be doing different I am open to anything. I’m young and I’ve only been living a healthy lifestyle and working out for three years and I’m trying to get my diet on point... I’m currently aiming for a 300cal deficit. I’m 24yo 211 lbs ~14%BF and I am cycling SARMS only...LGD-4033/MK-2866/S4/GW.

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    Breakfast meal prep?

    For breakfast I toss a packet of oatmeal and a spoonful of natty peanut butter in a blender with a carton of egg whites. It’s about 500 calories and it keeps me going for a while. Takes about one minute to prep.

    It is about 30g carbs though.

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