Just got back from vacation to a nice package of red and Yellow vein Kratom from SUK

I tore my Sartorius a couple weeks back and it's been pretty hard to deal with the pain. I can't take opiate pain killers cause I'm a recovering addict so Kratom was my turn to.

I was using white vein but was going through it very fast since it has a shorter half life.

In comes the yellow and red. Prefect fit! I have been dosing each at 3g 2x a day.

The red is king at pain relief. Very very good in that aspect and had my pain more then manageable.

The yellow mixed in helps a ton with mellowing out and getting me to a relaxed state.

This combo is by far the best one I've tried for heavy pain.

If you need an alternative to pain meds give this blend a shot. You won't be disappointed I promise.