Iíve placed 8 order with them this is review for the second :
Iím on my 8th order with these guys and man I have to say ; they fucking rock! Iíve only had better gear one other time and it was pharm this is as close as it gets. These guys got it figured out as long they are around,
Communication was better in the begging but they are transparent and will get back to you in a timely fashion normally for me itís 3 days but Iíve been around awhile maybe thatís why it takes longer. Before it was by the next day.

Arrives in the window of time allowed sometimes sooner this order took the full window.
My cycle

PHARMASUST 300 [Blend of 4 Testosterone esters]
PHARMATROPIN [Human Growth Hormone]
PHARMABOLD 300 [Boldenone Undecylenate]
Tiros (price for 1 blister, 50 pills) [Triiodothyronine]
Meltos (price for 1 blister, 50 pills) [Clenbuterol]

Amazing quality the gh was fucking dope had needles in my hands and crazy ass dreams from day one ! Even my hands got bigger shit was dope.
All and all my cycle went really well the gh was strong ass shit and the pump was insane my stack was crazy I got great results Iíll be running this stack again but replacing the eq with tren