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Thread: HIIT sessions

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    Quote Originally Posted by galois View Post
    Saw an interesting video by that AthleanX dude showing that cardio prior to any workout reduces your lifting power considerably. Canít remember if he quoted percentages but I recall being shocked at the magnitude. Moral: never do cardio prior to lifting.
    Quote Originally Posted by OfficerFarva View Post
    Anyone that has been in this sport and actually tries putting the work into working out and has been consistent knows that cardio before lifting is a nono, unless you're a crossfitter or want to look like one.

    We go to the gym to gain muscle first, lose fat second most all the time.

    Why not use every ounce of energy for goal a?
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    I never do cardio before lifting. I see some guys doing that but theyíre lean and non muscular as hell. I might do cardio after lifting. Usually, I separate my running and lifting. Lift am and run pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by OfficerFarva View Post
    So many wtf's in this post.. Why would you do HIIT preworkout? If you do it properly you're going to be burnt out. Also if you're doing it properly there's no way you're going to last for 40min, 10 pure minutes of HIIT is hell, more than 15min is almost impossible for most. Look at what Montego wrote, that's a great outline of a HIIT protocol but still a hard one. 20seconds of going all out is harder than you can imagine; I usually only do 15seconds tops and have a 10minute cool down.

    Actually everything you wrote is wtf. You try and do it postworkout as well? 5 times a week? WTF lol.
    yeah youíre right I guess itís techincally not real HIIT by protocol, but itís intensive interval cardio done the way I find most effective and fun cause I absolutely hate cardio. Yes I do it 10x a week if I lift 5 days. It has never made me feel too weak to lift but I donít do it on leg days. My routine as of now has been giving me the best results Iíve had thus far in my 15 years of lifting. Thanks for your input.

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