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Yep, that's what I thought too.
I understand that . I was trying to say i think its a waste. He should run 2 compounds , switch one of them after a while. He doesnt sound any better than junkies who take a cocktail of drugs and expect to be fine. You can only push your body so far before liver kidney failure along with cardiovascular problems take its toll not to mention i hear some people have bad reactions to different compounds . Eq and anxiety , tren and anger . High estrogen and progestin can cause depression. not saying all people have these reactions, but running 3g will surely change your mental state . Hed have to be doing 3 shots of 3ml and 1 of 1ml . If each was dosed at 300mg/ml . If he did short esters itd be much more. In my opinion Id do 1g a week and save the other gear for later