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    Well it has been a almost a year now on pharmacon products and would like to say great products and great service.

    Background.. I am 45 and got my test numbers done 225. Was going to a test clinic but shit is 200 hundred a month. And my doc the VA wont give me a script for test. So placed a order from pharmcom test c 250. Started doing a half ml a week. Went back and got my test numbers done 900. Right were I wanted to be. Feeling good in and out the gym. So I started a cycle 2 ml a week for 10 weeks. And half a tab of anastrozolos a day. Wow I put on a good 10 pounds a muscle and felt great. No side effects. Strength was great. test numbers were over 1400 while on cycle.

    So after the cycle I went back down to half a ml of test c and still took the half a pill of anastrozolos. So after 3 months off cycle I started a new cycle. 1 ml of sust 500 1 ml of pharma 3 tren 200 and 1 ml of pharma mix m. And half a pill of anastrozolos. Started this cycle right before summer. 10 week cycle. Holy shit 15 lbs of mass but it cut me real good. I was benching 365. Looked great for a old man. Now back on half a ml a week of test c.

    Question... Is it allright to stay on a low dose of test c half a ml a week between cycle since I have low T. Or once I am done with a cycle do I need to stop everything and do clomid and anastrozolos. Thanks for the input.

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    Go back to your trt dose

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    As big rich said.... go back to what you were taking before the cycle

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