New guys need to learn and contribute!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TouaregV8 View Post
    I still see post after post from newbs who clearly haven't done an ounce of research on their own and want to be spoon fed. It's frustrating as hell when there are numerous pages of very valuable information posted in the stickies and guys just regurgitate the same questions over and over again. I don't mind helping newbs, but when they expect you to lay out every aspect of their cycle from start to finish, then PCT, and have follow up question after follow up question it gets pretty annoying.
    And even worse, experienced members have different opinions on how to go about a first cycle or adding when they give advice that varies in opinion it gets even more confusing for the n00b.

    For a first cycle, simple, read the stickies.....when it gets outside that it can get crazy.

    But yes, research what vets have stated, decide which route you want to go and take it from there.

    Too bad we cannot just do one on one advice and leave it at that without all the varying opinions or advice because there are some good questions by novice users.

    But one thing that has me to the point I do not want to respond to questions like these anymore are the trolls that sign up to stir the pot and play the members as fools that are trying to be helpful.

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    Anyone know where I can buy some

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    Some good info and advice. The website also has a section about different cycles you can do from beginner to experienced.

    Whippedeye PSL rep

    Visit or PM me. Thanks!

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    It's either a rule and you enforce it or it's not.

    Selfish people are everywhere. You can't run from them.

    But I find it odd that someone would come to this forum asking for sources. I mean, the sources are right there, you don't even need to log in.

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