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Arimidex vs Nolvadex

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    Quote Originally Posted by AL83 View Post
    just come down to how sensitive you are to estrogen, some guys can run 750mg till pct with no AI.
    Yes some can, usually younger guys but not always. But even if you don't need an AI for gyno control there's other harmful things that high estrogen can cause.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GarlicChicken View Post
    So you're implying that there's credible research to say that it doesn't happen? Or is it just another meritless theory?

    I can personally attest to stopping adex a couple weeks after going down to a cruise dose and having my e2 skyrocket, much worse than doing the same with aromasin. There's no difference between estrogen rebound mid blast or after, it's the same thing. Saying one exists but the other doesn't is a bit of a logical fallacy considering there's no difference between the two.

    In his particular case he's getting high e2 from a TRT dose of test.
    Firstly, let me say that estrogen rebound happens to idiots.

    If you control your estrogen and take your AI during the active life of the test, it is impossible to suffer from estro rebound. So like I said, the only way you can get it is stopping your AI mid cycle. After you stop pinning and the test is still built up in your system waiting to metabolize is still mid cycle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xmparksx View Post
    Here Goes:

    I am on TRT at 200mg/week. The clinic gave me a script for Anastrozole to take .5mg 24-48 hours post injection. My challenge is that once the new year rolls around I will not be able to afford the self pay option of 300/month because at that time my insurance deductible will be back at zero. Therefore, I have been researching good sources to buy some Test and I feel like I may have found one.

    My question is which AI or SERM to purchase. Nolvadex is a little cheaper than Arimidex but that seems to be the only real difference. Clomid doesn't seem to be reliable enough to use during TRT and seems to be primarily used in PCT. Aromasin seems to be way to powerful a blocker/inhibitor/suppressant for me to use and may kill my estrogen/estradiol levels completely which is no bueno.

    So I guess it is Arimidex vs Nolvadex.

    I appreciate any and all feedback.
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