Resisting Nut and The Tren Train

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    Hit a solid arm workout tonight! Maximum pump in a short time. Rest between sets was very short and recovery time was very quick and minimal. I really donít like training arms but once I am balls deep in it, I am focused and in the zone.

    Followed up arms with some core work and then finished up with 20 minutes on the stair master.

    Energy levels are up and strength is being maintained. Still losing some weight while growing a little bit adding some LBM. Itís hard to differentiate the numbers on the scale sometimes because I am growing a bit while in this cutting phase.

    I got a 4 hand massage the other day which really helped loosen some things up and Iíve noticed a difference in the gym since getting some knots worked out. The guys who did my massage said ďyouíre really denseĒ gotta love what AAS does to those muscles.

    Now itís time to shower and hit the hay. We do it all over again tomorrow.

    Yíall have a great rest of your night!

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    Good job bruh...
    You dont jump in the ring with ALI because you THINK u can box

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