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Warning to Mig840 users/brewers..

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    need to sort my glass filtration out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skip Foursome View Post
    Anything applied to the skin that is in liquid form and needs to dry would use a solvent carrier to evaporate so it will dry after applied.

    Having the solvent float around your inside your muscles and blood stream is a totally different scenario.

    I am no toxicologist so I am not trying to say I know different, just saying.....
    Mig840 absorbs directly into the skin with no residue. Aka it can be the solvent, the carrier, AND it doesn't have to evaporate because it is fully absorbed better than any lotion or other carrier oils like almond or argon oils. I make my own beard oils and butters so I'm pretty familiar with common carriers for cosmetics etc.

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