I have been on trt for some time now. I occasionally save my trt bottles for future use and switch to Euro Pharmacies Test E or Cyp. I have noticed I respond to Test E much better then test cyp. My test cyp is 200mg ew & my E.P. test E is 250mg. Donít get me wrong I still feel my pharmacy grade test but either the extra 50mg in the E.P. Test E or the Enanthate just responds better in my body.

I also have script Anastrozole thatís pharmacy and Anastrozole thatís EP. I canít tell the difference one bit. I can tell they are both working because if I donít take for a week or so Iíll start getting itchy nipples. This is just going by strictly feel. I have done bloods on both EP and pharmacy grade in the past and both were almost identical when it came to test and estrogen levels.

I will be doing bloods in a month on E.P. Test E again to have a recent comparison of the two to show everyone. but you canít go wrong if you decide to use us for all your TrT needs. You will save hundreds, and hundreds of dollars.

Test E on sale for $36.00 right now along with the rest of the ep line.