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    Quote Originally Posted by TripleOvertime View Post
    Looky that road map there! You're going to be one of those freaky legged bros with intense vascularity, can see it already. Bc style veins coming. nice job Brutus.

    How are you dosing the hgh? They are the puretropins, correct?
    yessir! Puretropins , still at 3.3iu eod.

    i did try 5iu eod for a few weeks but started getting sides , like numb hands and pain in my knees , so i backed down to 3.3iu .

    im actually getting bloodwork next week to see how my IGF levels are doing...

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    You'll start seeing the real benefits of gh soon.

    Lots of guys will say, "I didn't see anything from it."

    Low and behold, three months later in their blast, "Im getting better gains then when I was on gh"

    No.... You're building the extra tissue you produce from running the gh now lol.

    True Story.

    Legs look great Brutus. They have come a long day since day 1. You're doing awesome on your own man. Proud of you.
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