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    First order

    Quick and easy to send the money through Xx, in the processing phase right now in under 72 hours I went from on hold to processing - So quality of service is up there defiantly, heard a lot of good things about GP's orals so I'll be using your winstrol to finish out this cycle currently taking another pharms winstrol and test-c but restocked on it through GP. If all goes accordingly you'll have my faithful service! Excited for my pack to land currently 28 days out from my show - Will post end results as well as well as fresh bloods when I start my off season bulk cycle which will be a combination of Dbol Test-C and a toss up between Deca or Tren.
    - A+ for ease of use on website and ordering
    - No issue with service thus far
    - Prices are great for in country (Was going through an non-domestic source prior)

    - AnabolicAZ
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    Waiting on mine 1st also... Can't wait

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