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First cycle results using Pharmacomstore

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    First cycle results using Pharmacomstore

    Thought Iíd leave a bit of a results post from a first cycle I just finished up.

    Starting stats:
    Roughly 15%
    Bench: 325 lb
    Squat: 405
    Deadlift: 585

    Ending stats:
    Similar %15 range
    Bench: 385
    Squat: 455
    Deadlift: 635

    The Cycle was 8 weeks

    Test prop: 125mg EOD 8wk
    dbol: 10mg 3x/d for 4wk
    adex: .25mg EOD 8wk
    PCT: Clomid: 50mg 2x/d for 1wk, then 25mg/d for 3wk

    This was all stuff from Pharmacomstore. I think it worked well, prop hurt like a bitch though.Yes this was a small amount of test, but it clearly gave me some satisfying results. dbol blew me up and test held me in tight for the rest of the cycle.

    Calorie intake was roughly 4300 at peak and a basic 40/40/20 macro split. I was going for the quick strength boost and have been holding onto it well for 4 weeks while dropping some water weight back down to 230. Feel free to criticize, opinions are appreciated and maybe my first cycle sucked ass and Iím dumb, Iím open to that. Iím looking into another one soon and would like to up it to 500-700mg weekly of test and stack with something else (Tren? Probably not a good idea). I think I responded to the 125 EOD very well. I went through with this because I had done a nice big bulk a year back and got to 250, but felt just fat and slow and strength didnít exactly boom. This cycle gave me a huge boost and kept my body comp/image about the same except bigger!

    Also, wanted to thank Vlad for his support back when I ordered, he was great!

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    Test prop has never hurt for me.

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    Prop always hurts me... Tried a few different brands and I do not do it well... Hopefully you will adapt to it or maybe just go with a long ester next cycle...

    Anyways thanks for posting up even if it's your first post

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