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    Quote Originally Posted by OnTopYaGirl85 View Post
    I havenít seen one person post a td pic and they donít answer their threads.
    I have posted my pic several times and I have seen a few others mention they have received theirs.

    As for communication I never tried to reach them, but what could you possibly need to contact them for unless you ordered and did not receive? And I say this not being rude in any way, I just can't understand the issues you are having
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    Quote Originally Posted by WesleyInman View Post
    Yes it is.

    I have it and I have been doing 1/2 a cap 1.5 hour before workout.

    Gonna log this soon, but started out with 1/2-1 cap just to test it out.

    Its as potent as it gets.

    A+++ version
    How long have you ran half a cap for man? You got a log going yet?

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