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Best Compound For Tren Related Gyno (prolactin)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gymjunkie38 View Post
    I use too feel this same way brother trust me this is false . I'm currently running a heap of teen ace with only 300 mg of test and 700 mastering prop and winstrol . and I'm taking 1 mg anastrozol EOD ( human grade from US pharmacy with a script its very legit) my estrogen is in control I started getting painfully lumps and lactating I doubled the promise for two weeks nothing kept getting worse. Added research pramipaxile nothing nada got some 1 mg cabaser tabs taking .5mg eod its now going away after 2 weeks

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    This is how I am as well, need caber even if estrogen in check.

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    I got caber but it must be bunk. So from a very reliable source suggested get Letrozole and prami. Getting both hopefully before the end of the week. I'll definitely post the results. Thanks guys

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    I'm actually thinking I need something to turn down the prolactin. I've been battling with a knot in my left nip for a while and the nolva/letro isn't cutting it anymore. I'm going to try prami this time. I only used it once in the past but I think I went too high on the dosage because I felt terrible. Gonna give it another shot alongside the nolva and aromasin

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